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You can change the charts to clustered type by checking the clustered column. Map look will change. In same way we can change map type to heat map, bubble and to region thematic map. On the below map the option is bubble with province total population.

Now to change the color click on the setting tab and change the blue color to green. Change the formatting option to get the better look. See below image. You can create a flat map by clicking the flat map button.

10 Steps on How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2013

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Home What is Remote Sensing? What is GIS? Terms of Service Guest Post. How to calculate the centroid of a polygon in ArcGIS:. Your thoughts here. Great Tutorial, Thank you for sharing. Pie charts have a multitude of advantages, such as:. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Create your spreadsheet by inputting the numbers and labels which are going to be used in the pie chart.

Highlight the numbers and labels which are going to be used in the pie chart by left-clicking on a cell and then dragging the cursor across the other cells. This will give you access to the "Charts" group. Click on your preferred pie chart and it will appear in the middle of your spreadsheet. Gaunye Ochae says:. December 15, at pm. Adrian Ju says:. January 3, at am. David Simpson says:. January 12, at am. January 13, at pm. Good work but I observed that the start date on the Gantt chart doesn't tally with data. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits. February 27, at am.

Unni says:. Very impressive illustruation made it easier to follow. Really helped me to finish a Gantt chart under an hour. Jonathan says:. January 23, at pm. Pontius Byarugaba says:.

February 13, at pm. Bobby says:. February 24, at pm. This is a fantastic tutorial, and such a help to those without access to MS Project. Great job! Thanks, Bobby. February 26, at am. Eunice says:.

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A managed to make my grant chart for my reseach presentation. Lina says:. April 23, at pm. Pavel says:. May 12, at am. HANA says:. May 13, at pm.